The MadHouse Guide to Day Trips from Prague

Need some justification for returning or extending your stay at The MadHouse? Are you looking to try something a bit off the regular tourist trail? Never fear, we’ve got you covered with one of these great day trips! Contact our lovely receptionists at for more information about them (or anything else you want to chat about, really).

1. Kutná Hora kutna hora

Aka The Bone Church. (Or, slightly more accurately, The Sedlec Ossuary.) Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I had a use for my collection of human bones?” Lucky for you a church in the little village of Kutná Hora (only 1 hour by train) outside Prague thought the same thing and commissioned a chapel to be decorated with human bones.  After you finish visiting the church, wander around the quaint Czech town, which used to be the centre of silver mining in the Czech Republic in the 13th century.



2. Plzen

The Czech Republic is known for its beer, and more specifically for its pilsners. And the most beloved of all pilsners is Pilsner Urquell, brewed in Plzen (1.5 hours by train or bus). Take a brewery tour and learn everything you could want to know about the origin of pilsner beer, which started right here in the Czech Republic.



3. Karlštejn Castlekarlstejn

This medieval castle was built in 1365 by the Czech king and Roman Emperor Charles IV. Yes, that’s the same Charles for whom the famous bridge, university and almost everything else Czech were named after. Explore the castle and then wander through the surrounding forest. You can travel there on the train, or for a bigger adventure, City Bikes offers self-guided tours with bike and GPS rental. The way is mostly flat, and you can always take the bike on the train back if you find yourself having one too many cheeky pints in the village.


4. Terezin Untitled

Terezin is a WWII concentration camp and Jewish ghetto located 45 minutes outside of Prague. There are tours that run from Prague city centre, but it is also easy to reach by yourself. 90-minute guided and independent tours are included in the entrance fee, but should be booked in advance.


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