Interview: Opening The RoadHouse

We’re just a few days away from the opening of our sister hostel, The RoadHouse Prague. In between shopping and meetings, we wrangled owners Kraig and Rod together to have a chat about their upcoming venture.


So…new hostel! What made you want to open a second hostel? Do you not love The MadHouse anymore??

Rod:    [Inappropriate response deleted]

Kraig: It’s always been our plan to expand from the beginning.

Rod:    Even in the planning stages of The MadHouse, we were always talking about how we would do a second one. It was like Inception – a seed planted within a hostel within a hostel. (okay…!??) Also, it’s not about not loving the MadHouse, it will always be our baby. But we have enough love to share with both.


You’ve worked together for 9 years, and now own two hostels together. Aren’t you sick of each other yet?

Rod:    I hate Kraig, can’t stand the guy [laughing].

Kraig: It helps we don’t live together anymore [both laugh]. But really, we’ve been through so much I can’t see myself doing this with anyone else.

Rod:    Working with Kraig is always great because he thinks of everything other people don’t. He keeps things from slipping through the cracks

Kraig: We’ve always worked well together. We know how to pick each other up, and that part’s never been that difficult. But yes. All the time. On both sides. [both laugh]


What can guests expect from The RoadHouse?

Kraig: We wanted to do something that combines the social aspect of travelling and staying in hostels with the comforts of home.

Rod:    We wanted to make a hostel that guests would actually love to live in at home. I think spending time there is like spending a Sunday evening at a friend’s house.


Why did you choose to make a second hostel in Prague instead of moving to a different city?

Kraig: Well first, we both live here and our lives are here. If we opened a hostel in a different city we would have to move or split our time between places. And then there would be learning new languages and laws.

Rod:   And we keep discovering different things to do here. We’re not ready to leave Prague yet.

Kraig: Yeah, it’s home.


What has been the most challenging part?

Kraig: Patience. The whole process this time tested our patience. First it was finding a building which took a long time, and then getting all the permits, and then construction going longer that we thought. And having to wait for offices to get back to us. A lot of the time it felt like one step forward, two steps back.

Rod:    Yeah, patience. It took a long time. And choosing colour schemes.


What’s one thing you’re really stoked about The RoadHouse?

Kraig: Hammocks! We’ve always wanted hammocks. We wanted them at The MadHouse, but we didn’t have the space or walls to put them up. Oh and having a balcony. Now all we need is that rooftop pool.

Rod:    The bathrooms and showers. Personal hygiene is really important to me, and you walk out of there feeling like 10 gazillion crowns*.

*roughly equivalent to a million bucks


I’m conflicted…I want to check out the new place, but feel loyal to The MadHouse – where should I stay??

Rod:    It shouldn’t be a difficult choice, they’re both great options. You’ll enjoy yourself in both places

Kraig:  If you want to party a bit more, or want a beer pong fix, you should go to The MadHouse. RoadHouse will be a little more laid back, but still a place to meet some cool people. It’s the same team running both hostels, so you’ll see some familiar faces no matter what you choose.


The RoadHouse is officially open for business as of Monday August 28th!


Looking for a more laid back vibe?