The MadHouse Guide to Prague’s Heat Wave

MadHouse Prague Hostel Summer

 We’re now a few weeks into full-on summer and, as you may have discovered, air-con is a rarity in this part of Europe. So without that sweet, sweet AC to fall back on, or an ocean to dip our toes in, we’ve got to get a bit more creative when it comes to finding ways to beat the heat this summer.


  1. Outdoor swimming pools

Our favourite is Divoka Sarka. It’s located in the middle of a beautiful gorge/nature reserve which makes it possibly the prettiest setting for public pool, ever. And since the pool is naturally spring-fed, it’s super chilly which feels oh so good in this heat. Cost: 120czk entry. Time to get there: 45min.


If you want less of a trek, Podoli swimming pool is a closer, easier option just down the river. Cost: 190/140czk  before/after 3pm. Time to get there: 20min.


  1. Take a trip to the lake(s)

There are a ton of beautiful lakes just outside the city. It’s a bit more of a time commitment to get out there, but if you wanna trade the hustle and bustle of the city for the (albeit hustle and bustle of the) countryside, they’re a really nice way to spend the day. Hostivar (approx. 60min) Lhota (approx. 100min) and Slapy (approx. 75min) are some popular lakes with easy-ish public transportation connections to Prague.


  1. See a movie

Yeah, you probably didn’t come to Prague to spend your time in a movie theatre, but cinemas are the best places with guaranteed air-con. Give yourself a break and bask in 2 hours of wonderful coolness. Cinema City Slovanksy Dum is the closest theatre to us (located by Powder Tower) with most movies being played in English with Czech Subtitles (let us help you check so you don’t end up in a dubbed version!) Some movies currently showing: Rocketman, Men In Black, Aladdin, Dark Phoenix, Avengers Endgame…


  1. Try Kraig’s Tesco trick

Go grocery shopping and head straight to the frozen food aisle to buy some fries. But the best packages are waaaaay at the bottom so you should probably dig really deep for them. Over and over.


  1. Get yourself a cool treat

Gelato from crème de la crème is our current favourite, with Angelato being a close second. We promise they’re worth the wait. For something caffeinated, try an espresso & tonic – a hugely popular summer drink in the city.



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