The MadHouse Pro Travel Tips – Best Pick Up Lines

We’ve all been there – eyeing a cute guy or gal across the kitchen or dorm, and then finding yourself speechless when you finally manage to finagle a spot beside them in the lounge or bar. Never fear! We are here to help! Straight from the mouths of our guests and staff, here are some lines *guaranteed to make a stunning first impression.


Some used classic lines:

“In the style of How I Met Your Mother…….’haaaaaaaave you met _______” Marija, Lithuania

“I like that top on you…but it would look better on my bedroom floor.” Ricky, USA

“Is your father a thief?” [No] “Then how did he steal the stars and put them in your eyes?” Jordan, Canada

“If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U & I together!” Craig, UK


Some were more practical:

“Do a shot with me?” – Brittany, USA

“I’m Dutch, we don’t need pick up lines!” Sophie, The Netherlands

“Hi, I’m a guitarist. Where can I find guitar picks and magnum condoms?” Josh, Australia

“You dropped something” [what] “Your standards” Rich, USA


Some make you go ‘awww’:

“How much does a baby polar bear weigh?” [how much?] “Just enough to break the ice…Hi, I’m __________” Jenny, Canada


Some used their knowledge of Geography: 

“Do you want an Australian Kiss?” [what’s that] “It’s a kiss down under.” – Evan, USA

“Do you have any Australian in you? Would you like some?” Dave, Australia


Some got political:

“Are you nervous about the elections? I hear Trump might try to deport you to heaven.” Zullo, USA


And some (most) were altogether too offensive to be shared in a public space. You’ll just have to come stay with us so we can tell you in person! What lines have we missed? Share them on our Facebook page.



*The MadHouse Prague is not responsible for any negative reaction and/or slapping that results from the use of any of these lines.


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