The MadHouse Pro Travel Tips – Packing

How many times have you looked through your bag halfway through your trip and just shook your head thinking, “Really? This was the best I could do!?” If you find the seemingly simple task of packing overwhelmingly difficult (like we often do), peruse these super helpful tips from our well-travelled staff and guests.


– Buy many pairs of the same socks and you’ll never have an odd pair. Matt, Australia

– Don’t pack more than you can carry! Megan, Scotland

– Bulk condoms. Kurtis, ‘Straya

– Always bring a camera! Chanel, USA

– Jeans are good for 3 days, 1 set/day for socks, underwear and t-shirts. 1 dress shirt for special occasions. Pack for 1 week. Rod, Canada

– Use a backpack – wheelie bags are a nightmare on cobblestones and up stairs. Jenny, Canada

– Double check your bodyboard bag before you check your luggage. Dave, Australia

– Wrap your clothes. Don’t pack too much, it’s not necessary. Lara, Argentina

-Don’t bring expensive s***! Carlos, Nicaragua

– Put a dryer sheet (or 5) in your bag – keeps your clothes smelling fresh! Kate, Canada

– It’s easier to buy things you actually need when travelling than packing things you might need. Make room for a neck pillow and a good pair of walking shoes. Kraig, Canada



Have we missed any? Let us know on our Facebook page, and we’ll add your ideas to the list!



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