The MadHouse Guide To Breakfasting in Prague

Prague flag and castle

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Along with “don’t go outside with wet hair or you’ll catch pneumonia,” “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” was (is) my mom’s favourite bit of parental wisdom. I should probably mention that growing up in Canada, the first piece of advice is actually sound, especially if you don’t want your frozen hair breaking off. However, the breakfast thing should apply to everyone, if only cause it has the potential to be so delicious.

As always, I’ll preface this post with saying in absolutely no way have I checked out the zillions of restaurants offering breakfast in Prague, so this is a semi-informed and entirely biased run-down. That said, without further adieu, and in no particular order, here are some great choices for brekkie in the city:



Photo courtesy of Den/Noc Facebook page


Den/Noc has been getting a lot of hype as of late. Or maybe longer than that and I’m just late to the game. Either way, pancakes are the name of the game here, and boy do they do them well. With a ton of savoury & sweet options including favourites bacon/avocado/feta/lime basil and chocolate/mascarpone/apricot, everyone will find someone that suits them. It’s cute and tiny inside, which bodes well for atmosphere, but you might be out of luck getting a table if you go during a busy time. Bonus – it turns into a wine bar at night.


Bohemian Bagel – one of the original greasy spoon type restaurants serving classic (all day!) British and American breakfasts. As the name suggests, they have a wide selection of bagels served with butter, cream cheese or sandwich. Other than that, they’ve got a full menu of no fuss, simple, yummy food. If you’re just after a quick bagel or bagel sandwich to go, Just Bagel! is right around the corner from The MadHouse and excellent value.


Coffee Room Avo toast

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Coffee Room – I’m limiting myself to only one cafe, but you can click here for some more great cafes in the city. Coffee Room makes the list because it is a staff favourite for coffee and atmosphere, as well as they’re super simple and delicious avocado toasts. When they taste this good, it’s almost worth never being able to afford a house. Depending on when you go, you might run into The RoadHouse‘s Lewis 🙂




Radost Brunch

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Radost – We are surprised as you are that Radost FX – which is primarily known as a club popular with university students – serves delicious vegetarian food. On the weekends they have a superb veggie brunch until 3pm that will impress even the die-hard meat-eaters in your group. It’s cool & funky which makes it a great place to wile away a few hours


Venue – If you’re looking for a bit more pizzazz for breakfast, try Venue. They’ve got a small, but diverse menu filled with options ranging from power bowls to frittatas to a sweet potato hash with chorizo. Aside from making their own bread, they use fresh, quality ingredients straight from Czech farms and markets.


Coffee & Waffles

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Coffee & Waffles – Do you dig coffee? And waffles? Excellent. I’ve got the place for you. Some might criticise the name for lack of originality, but I love restaurants that spell it right out from the get go. Not much else is needed for an explanation except for to confirm that they do indeed do coffee and waffles well.


The Globe – Globe Cafe & Bookstore is a hub of expat life here in Prague. They offer breakfast weekdays until noon, but the real treat is their weekend brunch which is on until 3pm. Sit back and relax in this cute cafe and choose from a huge selection of brunch options from eggs and omelettes to pancakes and waffles to full English/American plates.



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