The MadHouse Guide to Eating Veggie in Prague

MadHouse Prague dinner in Prague

Even though Prague is in the very centre of Central Europe, with its fare generally being of the meat-and-potato variety, there are a surprising number of high quality vegetarian options in the city. With new veggie (or veggie-friendly) restaurants popping up all the time, consider this list a platform to jump off from:


1. Estrella

We might be biased because of our proximity, but Estrella is hands down our favourite lunch menu in the city. Mon-Fri from 11:30 until about 3ish, you have the option of a weekly special, a weekly salad and a daily special. But don’t worry about the lack of options – whatever they put down in front you will range from Asian to Mexican to Italian and Czech, but it will always be creative, nicely plated and (most importantly) incredibly delicious. They have a small menu for evenings and weekends. Tip: Their veggie burgers are to die for.


2. Clear Head/Maitrea

These two are sister restaurants run by the same people and have very similar menus and atmospheres. Two of the original vegetarian restaurants in the city, Clear Head is located by Charles Bridge and Maitrea is just off Old Town Square. They have extensive menus, including many vegan-friendly options. Maitrea even has veggie-versions of two of the most popular Czech dishes, guláš and svíčková. Trust us, these are places that will satisfy even your most carnivorous of friends.


3. Dhaba Beas

Dhaba Beas is a really great chain of pay-by-weight vegetarian Indian restaurants in the city. It is buffet style, so you can load your plate up with your choice of curries, sides and desserts. The food is good and the prices are reasonable, even more so if you go during the hour before closing (7 or 8 depending on the restaurant) when all of their food is half price. They are a great option for anything from a snack to a hearty meal.


4. Forky’s

…is basically the fast food of the future. Forkys are 100% entirely plant-based (re: vegan), with menu items inspired by local and international cuisines. You can eat in, or many decide to take their meals to go – in biodegradable containers of course. We urge any of you skeptics that think vegan food isn’t filling or flavourful. Give these trendy bistros a chance and you may well find yourself converted. The fact that they’re healthy and environmentally friendly is just be the icing on the cake.


5. Etnosvět

Etnosvět is for the vegetarian foodies out there. It has a slightly higher end, interesting menu that – as the name suggests – offers dishes from a variety of cuisines. You can order a la carte, or do a tasting menu (vegan menu available), meaning that there really is something for everyone. Especially all of you who like a beverage or two with your meal – they have a wide selection of wine and cocktails to make sure you’re fully lubricated while enjoying your food.




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