What’s Going On – December 2019

04.12 – Postmodern Jukebox (UK) – Roxy

Concert @ Roxy, tickets start at 890czk and are available here: 


05.12 – Svaty Mikulas Day

Ooh how we love this Czech tradition. Essentially the devil, the angel and St Nicholas (i.e. Svaty Mikulas) come to schools and homes and ask children how they behaved during the past year. They will also often be asked to perform a short performance or song. If they were good, the angel gives them candy, but if they have been naughty, the devil puts them in a sack and drags them to hell. Uh huh. Maybe it’s something you had to grow up with for it to make sense, but don’t be surprised if you see a myriad of angels, devils & saints wandering around the city.


14.12 – Mark Knight (UK) – Roxy

Mark Knight’s yearly standing date at Roxy. Tickets start at 360czk and can be found here.


19.12 –Monkey Business (CZE) – Lucerna Great Hall

One of the Czech classics! They play a yearly show just before Christmas each year. Tickets can be found here.


13.12 – Netsky (BEL) – Holesovice Exhibition Grounds

Drum & bass show. Tickets start at 600czk and can be found here.


24-25.12 – Christmas at the MadHouse

To be honest, we’ll probably be rocking our Christmas sweaters, drinking mulled wine, listening to Mariah Carey and eating delicious baked things all month long. However, we’ll also be serving up two huge xmas feasts, one on the 24th (traditional North American with turkey and all the fixings), and one on the 25th (traditional Czech with schnitzel and potato salad) with donations going to the Salvation Army in Prague. We will also again be hosting our annual gift grab on the 25th. If you can’t spend the holidays with your family, come spend it with ours!


31.12 – New Year’s Eve 2020

New Year’s Eve is always a big deal in Prague and you should know by now that we jump on any excuse to party. We’ll have snacks for all of our guests in the evening at the hostel and then a champagne toast before all heading out together to dance the 2010s away and ring in a new decade.


Looking for a more laid back vibe?